Happy Accidents – New Product!!

Funny old thing – what started out as an experimental recipe by our son for a Harissa paste,  when we translated it, has somehow transformed into an Indonesian style Sambal Oelek??!!  As the title suggests, this has turned out to be a happy accident in that the end result is absolutely stunning!! We only made a small trial amount and took 7 small jars with us to The Huntly Hairst last Saturday!! What a nice surprise when it was so well received that we could have sold five times that amount??!!  It is somewhat fiery – what else would you expect from us?? but the intensity of the flavour is awesome and as a marinade for chicken, fish, veggies – in fact with anything that takes your fancy that needs a lift – this will do the trick with a vengeance!! We are currently furiously engaged in making a much larger batch which we hope to bring to the Thistle Street Farmers Market this coming Saturday 9th September, along with all our usual range – Hot Pineapple Sauce, KB Sauce, Chilli Jam, Tomato Kasaundi etc, etc!!! (9 other products??)

Speaking of the Huntly Hairst, what a fantastic day that was!!!  There were 62 stands with everything edible under the sun on display, cookery demo’s, bouncy castle, musicians, charity runs, and, to top it all, a glorious day of sunshine and blue skies — HOORAY!!!  Anna and her team worked tirelessly to ensure that the day ran smoothly and it was a huge success – witnessed by the constant display of smiling faces wherever you looked – it was fun and a great day was had by all – thank you Anna and the magnificent folk of Huntly and surrounding areas – you did us proud!!!

OK, I’ll try and post some pics between now and next Saturday but no promises, not that there’s much to take piccies of but I know folk like to see what we are doing??  Meanwhile, take care and stay safe!!


Piccies as promised – Ballater – here we come!!!

These two products are the latest kids on the block – Spicy Sweetcorn Relish & Spicy Tomato Salsa!!  Both are very different from anything else we have and are a wonderful addition to our range!  The sweetcorn Relish has a lively, tangy side with a good chilli kick in the aftertaste and the Tomato Salsa has a fruity edge, some sharpness from the fresh cranberries and, as you would expect, also a good chilli bite??!!  These both would go perfectly with any BBQ meat or veggies, with a salad or simply as a side with a ploughmans?!!  As with all our products, the only limit to how you use these wonderful condiments is your imagination – don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it???!!! get adventurous, get wild, try something a little different and let the creative juices flow!!!

Our Saturday market this weekend is at Ballater on the church green in the middle of the town!!  A lovely venue and definitely one of our favourite places to be each month – swing on by and let us and our fellow traders supply you with all you need for a scrumptious weekend of delicacies for your table!!  Buy local – eat local – support local businesses!! We really appreciate that folk come back to us each month to stock up on their favourite foodie items, and with such a delightful and consciencious bunch of hardworking traders making great efforts to consistently supply your needs – how can you go wrong?? We would also like to thank the good folk of Banchory for their great turnout in some pretty decent weather last Saturday – accompanied by the Scottish Country Dancers, literally dancing in the aisles!!!

Take care folks, stay safe and BE AWARE!!!!

Addresses & businesses??!!

It would appear that there is some confusion in some quarters regarding our home or business addresses??  I wish to clarify that we do not conduct or carry on any business dealings from our home address in Turriff!!  All our business dealings are carried out at other premises, normally at farmers market venues throughout the North East of Scotland and sometimes from buildings that are licenced for the purpose of trade for visiting traders who pay for that privilege!!  This is for reasons concerning insurance!!

Now that’s cleared up, apologies to all for the long break between posts – just chillin’!!! Tomorrow, 19th August, we are at Banchory Farmers Market and hope to see all our customers again – old and new – we have a couple of new things for you to try!!??  I won’t say what they are right now — you’ll have to come on down and have a taste but, I promise you – they are as delicious as all the other wonderfully imaginative products that Suzie has concocted (to be honest, I’ve packed up the car with everything for tomorrow and forgot to take pictures first for this post?? – duh!!!) I will post pictures and descriptions next week for those that will not be attending Banchory – honest!!

In the light of recent and ongoing events – I would urge you all to be on the lookout for anything unusual and don’t be afraid to speak out or issue warnings, even if it turns out to be nothing, better red faced than dead??!! It’s time we took up a more pro-active stance against this horrific behaviour – it’s our country – let’s make sure it stays that way!!! Don’t ever think that it can’t happen here – that’s what all the dead and injured thought – before it happened to them???!!

Sorry about the rant but we need to speak up more and take action – take care, stay safe and  —– STAY ALERT!!!!

Too old for this malarkey!!

Well – that was a bit of a mini marathon!!  Saturday at Huntly Farmers Market and Sunday & Monday at The Keith Country Show – 3 very long, exhausting days with 10+ hours a day on your feet!!  Not a complaint but an observation that it gets more difficult the older you get.  We did OK and met some absolutely wonderful people and almost sold out by the end of the Monday!!  Our lovely Alana, who is now a seasoned market warrior, was with me for all 3 days and the final day, Monday, saw a rare appearance of the maestro herself – Suzie actually made a supreme effort and had a good, if somewhat painful day, at The Keith Show!!  The sun was out for most of the 3 days with a couple of showers on the Monday afternoon but generally behaved itself??!! We saw a lot of old friends that we’d not seen for a year or two and Grandad actually went on 3 of the fairground rides with Alana on the Monday afternoon – gritted teeth on two of them – they don’t make the seats big enough for 17st geriatrics with a paunch??? – at least I didn’t throw up, much to Alana’s relief!!!

I regret to inform you all that we will NOT be attending any markets this coming weekend due to unforeseen personal circumstances, but hope to resume normal service the following weekend??!!!

A few pictures of the stand at Keith – Alana was in charge of the display!!


Just a quick note – will catch up after Keith Show??!!

Manically busy in the run-up to, and obviously during, the weekend as it was Huntly Farmers Market on Saturday 5th August, which was a good day – and now in the middle of a two day stint at the Keith Country Show!!  We are definitely too old for this, but I have had the joy of the uplifting company of our beautiful and enormously entertaining grand daughter. Not only is she clever, but funny, happy-go-lucky, and so good for my soul!!  Thank you Alana Zoe for your never ending cheerfulness and good humour – you are an asset to not only our business but our lives too!!  I couldn’t do it without you ‘cos I would have packed up and gone home??!!!

I’ll be back with a full report on the weekends activities later this week but right now, after a Suzie beef curry and two large glasses of dark rum on the rocks – it’s goodnight from him – and goodnight from me??!!  Stay safe – catch ya’ll later!!!

5 Saturday month? Macduff Market!!

Just an idea for the weekend – hot, sticky chicken wings with Nasi Goreng and stir fried veggies!! If you mix about two tablespoons each of Suzie’s Chilli Jam and KB Sauce and marinate the wings for a few hours, then you should end up with the same result as in the pictures?!!  Of course, these can be BBQ’d as well which gives them even more flavour?!!!

As usual, with a 5 Saturday month we have a spare Saturday and Macduff have kindly allowed us to participate in their Farmers Market this coming Saturday 29th July!! If the timings are as normal, it will be from 9 o’clock ’til 1 o’clock and we will be bringing our usual range of goodies for your delight!! As previously mentioned, we now have a new shape and range of jar sizes and some altered prices to suit the new content amounts?  Basically, without going all technical, there are 3 sizes of jars and one size of sauce bottle – small, medium and large jars at £2.50, £4.00 & £5.50 respectively and the KB Sauce remains at £5.00  —  Got that – good – but if not, all will be revealed on the day – you just have to ask!! The small jars are ideal as gifts or if you’re travelling, or just don’t eat a lot Also for folk living on their own –  doesn’t clutter up your larder or fridge too much!!

I’m not going to speculate on the weather as it’s been horribly wrong of late and I don’t want to jinx things!!  Anyway, at least the Market is under cover if it does get bad as it’s in the old fishmarket sheds at Macduff Harbour – come along and see us and have a look at our stuff and all the other traders wares – you might find something you can’t live without???  See you there and take good care – stay safe!!!


New jars, new prices and an apology!!

We wish to humbly apologise to all our loyal customers for some confusion over our new jars and their respective prices!!  We have now sat down and done some number crunching and, in the interests of transparency and fairness to you guys, the following details are what we think is right and fair, for us as well as you??!!

We now have three jars sizes which, in liquid volume, are 106ml, 212ml & 314ml.  Their weights will vary depending on the density of the product contained but the price for each size will be a constant, and they are – 106ml @ £2.50; 212ml @ £4.00 & 314ml @ £5.50:  It had become apparent that we would have to either increase prices or reduce the jar sizes and we think this is the best compromise – you now have the choice and one of the objectives of this excercise has been to give our travelling tourist customers the option of the small jar which they can take with them if not eaten before travelling??

I hope that this explanation will help to clarify any previous confusion that may have been engendered at recent Farmers Markets?  Thank you all for your patience and understanding and we sincerely hope that you will continue to support us at future markets?

Just a reminder that we will be at Ballater Farmers Market this coming weekend, from 10 o’clock in the morning until 3 o’clock in the afternoon and want you all to wish very loudly for some decent weather to cheer us all up!!! I know the past few days have been good but we need more of it — please!!!  See you there and stay safe!!

Best wishes from Ian & Suzie!!


Dreary, Damp, Downpour, Dreadful Deluge, Dreich!! — but — Delightfully Dedicated Dear Customers!!!

Starting new batch of Lime Pickle!!

Thank you so much to all the lovely Banchory customers that still attended the market on Saturday, despite the atrocious weather for the better part of the morning. Whilst initially quiet enough to consider packing up early to go home – even before the rain came?? — I am so glad that we stayed!!!   Some of our regular customers came out in the tropical type downpour specifically to see us and buy their favourite product – that’s dedication and reminds us why we do put up with all the weather shenanigans??!!  Obviously, we did not do as well as when the weather is better, but sufficient to make the effort worthwhile and, once again, thanks to the seemingly indifferent regard for the conditions by the hardy folk of Banchory!!  Also big thanks to our stalwart market organiser, David, who just carried, on drenched to the skin as if it were a normal day at the office??!!  Cheers Pal!!!

Next Saturday, 22nd of July is the Ballater Farmers Market from 1000 -1400 and, as always, we look forward to welcoming all our Ballater customers, both old and new. We have brewed up fresh batches of stuff for your delight and hope that the conditions are more amenable than this last weekend?? Time permitting, I will be posting again before then to update with news about our products and ideas for their use – meanwhile, take care, stay safe and keep your powder dry!!!

Thistle Street surprise!!

It was a wonderfully bright, sunny day in Aberdeen last Saturday, if a little on the cool side if you were stuck in the shade(as we had to be in order to serve our customers?!!)  It was also a somewhat gap tooth market due to a number of traders being missing.  I’m assuming that it was for any of a number of reasons, amongst which are that it is summer holiday time, trades fortnight, other events in the area taking priority etc??  However, it made no difference for us as our loyal customers seemed to be out in force and we had a marvellous day, at one stage we had four deep at the front of our stall??!! We are eternally grateful to those of you who keep coming back to us, month after month, as it reaffirms our belief in what we do and gives us the morale boost that we sometimes need when feeling a tad weary, after all the hard work in getting the stuff prepared, made and ready for market.

It was Suzie’s 70th Birthday on Tuesday 11th July and we had a great day with our grand kids – actually took a day off??!!!!  Went to the pictures to see Despicable Me 3 – extremely funny and the kids really enjoyed the day – big & little kids!!!  although Grandad did seem to drop off on the odd occasion??? What!!  Who??  — Me?  Naaah!!!

Next Saturday – hopefully – we’ll be at Banchory Farmers Market with the usual culprits and lovely traders!!  We would love to see you there and look forward to some decent weather to keep our spirits up and make the day a more pleasant one!!  Cheers for now, stay safe and well!!

1st July – Huntly Farmers Market!!

Delightful, delectable, delicious delicacies for your delectation — try saying that lot when your sober, never mind after a couple of sherberts??!! We’ll have all our usual range , some in the new shape jars that have been introduced by us to counter the frustration of not being able to get the last morsel from the square jar corners??!!! The new Hot Mango & Lime Chutney has been well received and our KB Sauce continues to fly off the display at each market!! Our produce is a great accompaniment to all the wonderful meats and cheeses, breads and goodies that are displayed for your pleasure at Huntly Farmers’ Market!! We can only hope that the elements are going to be kind to us!! Stay safe, stay well and see you there!!!😋😀

The first batch of labels were a little bit too big as seen in these pictures, new labels on the way as we speak!! The new look jars will make splendid gifts as they are quite an attractive presentation, although awkward to stack and transport – hey-ho!! can’t have everything!!