Business for sale!!

We regretfully announce that we are no longer conducting business as Suzie’s Spice Kitchen due to personal considerations and would be happy to talk to anyone who might like to purchase Suzie’s Spice Kitchen as an ongoing concern!! We have been a home based business but, of late, there has been enough interest from elsewhere to warrant an expansion to a larger scale operation.  This has been under consideration by us but we have reached the reluctant conclusion that our advancing years and lack of sufficient funding, which is not easily attainable at our age, precludes any further advancement by us. However, someone younger with a little capital, or the ability to source suitable funds, could really make this operation take off, especially with our core best selling products?!!!

If anyone is interested, please, in the first instance, contact us through this means or FB messaging to arrange a meeting for further discussion.

Many thanks to all our friends and customers for your support over the past few years and we wish you all good health, wealth and happiness in your lives.  We’ll no doubt see some of you on the other side of the market stalls, as fellow customers, which means we’ll have more time to chat and socialise — there’s always a sunny side to any situation??!!  Take care folks and stay safe!!

Kind Regards to all!!!

Ian & Suzie


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