Business stopped by landlord!!

Our landlord has taken it upon himself to order us to cease making our chutneys at home!! He says that his insurance company is giving him grief about us running a business from the house which we are renting from him??!!  Having done some extensive research, it would seem that there are arguments from both sides that are are relevant?!!  According to an article in Money Wise in 2014, a new law was instigated which stated that landlords are not allowed to refuse a tenant who wishes to carrry out a home business from the rented property  — the wording was “Cannot reasonably refuse” Obviously, there are caveats to this and one could be that an insurance company may wish to up the premiums depending on the risk factor of the business concerned??  We are classed as “low to no risk” by the FSA, as our product is made in large saucepans and is mainly boiling of a mix of ingredients, which are never left unattended!!  There is a greater risk of fire from me burning the toast or splashing oil when frying steak etc so, once again, the insurance companies are looking for any excuse to rip off customers for higher premiums!!! As a compromise, if I offer to pay the difference in the premium that the landlord has to pay, then he has no legal right to refuse to allow us to continue?? If anyone out there has experience in this field, please feel free to advise us on how we should proceed!!  I must admit that the best option would be to move to a new property but there is nothing suitable in Turriff that would accept us and our two cats at the moment – so, again, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please get in touch, especially if you have a single level property for rent in the Turriff area that is within walking distance of the town centre?? Anyone need a house sitter for 6 to 12 months??  — Just saying!!

Meanwhile, we have run down the small amount of stock that we had left and are relaxing for a while and enjoying the lack of pressure to make enough for the markets each week – an enforced rest you might say??!!  Actually, we always take a break this time of year anyway but it does mean that the extra income we made to make up the rent shortfall has been eroded to zero!!  To finish off, we are not sure yet if we will be coming back to the markets next year and, until our little problems are resolved, one way or the other, would ask for your forbearance and understanding?!!  Please feel free to get in touch about any of the above and apologies to all of our loyal customers for the interruption in service?!!

Wishing you all the best for a Merry, Bright Christmas and a simply astounding New Year!!  Take care folks, stay safe and stay well!!  Bye – bye!!


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