Thistle Street Market Cancelled – right or wrong??

I suppose it depends on which forecast you follow but, the latest TV forecast has it that Aberdeen will be relatively untroubled by the remnants of Storm Caroline on Saturday morning??  I know that the Health & Safety bods and Meteorologists will have been covering their arses by issuing dire warnings – damned if they do and also if they don’t – crap job??!! but why can’t we be left to make our own decisions about where, when and under what conditions we carry out our business, after all we are grown ups and have been around a fair few years – at least in our case??!! I’m heartily fed up with being constantly told what we can eat, drink, say and think and even where we can go to the toilet from what I’ve been hearing and reading lately?? We have become a nation of yes men/women and tub thumping do-gooders who do more harm than good in most cases, harking back to the bad old days of missionaries turning the”natives'” to the word??!!  What a load of old tosh – leave us alone and let us lead our lives as we see fit, not as they think we should be living it!!!! Who’s life is it anyway???!!!

OK – OK!! I know – shut up Ian!!  It’s alright folks – rant over and as you may have surmised, I’m not best pleased that the market has been cancelled tomorrow and apologies to Maura – this is not personal?!!  To all our loyal customers who had intimated that they would be coming to us to stock up for their Christmas table, all is not lost!!!  Just get in touch with us and we’ll arrange to either deliver or mail your requirements to you – there is time, even if you’re travelling as we can mail to your destination – saves you carrying it??!  We were so looking forward to a really Christmassy Market and, sometimes, things are sent to try us but, we can overcome – some day!! Oh dear!! I’ll be bursting into song next – now that would send folk running – away!!

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this weekend and over the festive season, stay safe, stay warm and be happy!!  With best wishes and heartfelt thanks for all your support and business throughout 2017 – lotsaluvanstuff from Suzie & Ian xxxxxxxx


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