Haunted Huntly Hardly Happened?!!!


A strangely slow day at Huntly with not that many folk about!!  Maybe the bitingly cold wind had a part in that ‘cos we wouldn’t have chosen to go shopping had we had that choice??!!  So ………. when we got home eventually having delivered an order to Banchory to Raemoir Garden Centre Foodhall, a nutritious, warm and comforting meal was needed to fortify our systems!! The above pictures show what resulted from our kitchen labours – a stir fried vegetable dish with a generous amount of Suzie’s Sambal to give it an extra zing, accompanied by a spatchcocked chicken smothered in Suzie’s wonderful KB Sauce, with a handful of vine tomatoes baked along with it!!  No potatoes or rice needed although, if you’re really hungry, this would go well with either!!??   Amazingly filling and delicious – very little fat & awesome flavours!!  Highly recommended and very happy to tell you how to go about making it for yourself?!!  Just pop along to The Stewart Hall in Huntly on Sunday 17th December 2017 – it’s indoors, warm and dry so no excuses??!!  We can give you the run down on this recipe and help out with lots of other ideas for using our lovely produce in cooking up tasty, zingy meals and snacks that will liven up any meal time!!

Next Saturday, we’ll be at our usual venue in Thistle Street in Aberdeen, hoping the elements are kind to us but, with true stallholder grit, we’ll be there regardless and would love it if some of you could be there to show your lovely traders some support to reward them for their efforts in bringing a truly wonderful selection of locally produced and sourced delights for your dining tables and Christmas events!!!

Meanwhile, stay warm, stay safe, and see you at the Markets!!


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