Huntly & Thistle Street – apologies for the long gap!!!

Did we have a summer?? Did I blink and miss it??  Oh well!!  Never mind – here we go again – hurtling towards another winter!!  Mind you, it seems that seasons are becoming a little blurred and morphing into a mish-mash which is an amalgam of all four which can occur randomly at any time of the year??!!!  OK – that’s enough of the amateur meteorology – to matters at hand!!

Huntly Market was a good affair as usual, loads of traders and a good turnout of folk and only a couple of blustery showers. We didn’t do particularly well but it was an enjoyable day nonetheless and some of our regulars were glad we came which, after all, is what it’s all about??!!  Can’t believe that was 11 days ago, I really am slipping with my posts — Sorry!!

Last Saturday was at Thistle Street in Aberdeen and was a fantastic day!!!  A slow start as expected(who wants to get up early on a Saturday if not working??) but became a steady flow through of buying customers that, at the end of the day gave us a nice surprise with a bigger turnover than we expected.  Once again, a huge vote of thanks to Maura and her crew for the organisation and smooth running of the day – always good and extremely helpful – cheers guys and gals!!!  Also a massive thank you to my gorgeous 10 year old granddaughter, Alana, for her cheerful assistance as my cashier and all round stacker, packer, and cheerer upper!!  Fabulously uplifting company!!!

Next Saturday 21st October(already??) we are back at Banchory after having missed last months market due to weather!!  I hope our customers there have not forgotten us in the interim??  Really looking forward to a good day at Banchory Farmers Market and – so far – the forecast is potentially going to be OK with quieter conditions than of late – who knows – and in the end – does it matter?? Nah!! Rain or shine, we’ll be there!!  (I know – it did matter last time??!!) Meanwhile, take good care folks, stay safe and stay alert!!!


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