Hit & a miss!!


Despite our best efforts on Saturday, having set off for Banchory, we were unlucky enough to be brought to a screaming halt by an unknown obstruction on the back road to Inverurie from Turriff??  I still don’t know exactly what caused the back up but am assuming with the weather conditions of late, that it was flooding or something associated with the incessant rain??!! Suffice to say that by the time I turned around and retraced my steps to try to find an alternate route, it was too late to get there in time to set up before packing up – if that makes any sense?? Mission abandoned!!!   Sorry Banchory, if anyone was looking for us, we hope to make up for it next time and we can always send you stuff if you need in the interim??!!

Meanwhile, Sunday was a total success!!  Deeside Food Festival at Cults Academy was an outstanding day with an amazing number of people attending!!  It was noisy, busy, buzzing and bustling with foodies all taking advantage of the many delights on display and available for tasting, sampling and generally gorging on!!! The range of local suppliers, manufacturers and home producers on display was truly awesome and the atmosphere fabulous with smiling, happy faces aplenty!!! Our only problem was we were in front of the stage where there was a cookery show going on and the speakers on either side of the stage seemed to be pointed directly at us – neither us nor our customers could hear anything whilst it was in progress as the volume was incredibly high and the patter incessant – it did raise a few smiles whilst attempting to explain how our produce could be used in cooking – somewhat ironic really??!! The amount of work in getting the whole event organised and the running of the nitty gritty of the day is a great credit to Rachel Gambro and her merry crew!! There was so much help and guidance available throughout the day and organisers on the spot whenever a need arose – all I can say is a huge and grateful — THANK YOU & WELL DONE TO ALL CONCERNED!!

Next Saturday 23rd September, we hope to be at Ballater Farmers Market and are, as always, looking forward to another happy and pleasant day at a fabulous venue!!  See you there and meanwhile, stay safe, stay happy and stay alert!!!



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