Happy Accidents – New Product!!

Funny old thing – what started out as an experimental recipe by our son for a Harissa paste,  when we translated it, has somehow transformed into an Indonesian style Sambal Oelek??!!  As the title suggests, this has turned out to be a happy accident in that the end result is absolutely stunning!! We only made a small trial amount and took 7 small jars with us to The Huntly Hairst last Saturday!! What a nice surprise when it was so well received that we could have sold five times that amount??!!  It is somewhat fiery – what else would you expect from us?? but the intensity of the flavour is awesome and as a marinade for chicken, fish, veggies – in fact with anything that takes your fancy that needs a lift – this will do the trick with a vengeance!! We are currently furiously engaged in making a much larger batch which we hope to bring to the Thistle Street Farmers Market this coming Saturday 9th September, along with all our usual range – Hot Pineapple Sauce, KB Sauce, Chilli Jam, Tomato Kasaundi etc, etc!!! (9 other products??)

Speaking of the Huntly Hairst, what a fantastic day that was!!!  There were 62 stands with everything edible under the sun on display, cookery demo’s, bouncy castle, musicians, charity runs, and, to top it all, a glorious day of sunshine and blue skies — HOORAY!!!  Anna and her team worked tirelessly to ensure that the day ran smoothly and it was a huge success – witnessed by the constant display of smiling faces wherever you looked – it was fun and a great day was had by all – thank you Anna and the magnificent folk of Huntly and surrounding areas – you did us proud!!!

OK, I’ll try and post some pics between now and next Saturday but no promises, not that there’s much to take piccies of but I know folk like to see what we are doing??  Meanwhile, take care and stay safe!!


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