Saturday 10th September we shall be at Inverurie Farmers Market with a whole new batch of freshly made produce so, come on down and check us out!!  For those with a spicy palate, there is sure to be something in our range to tittilate your tonsils or tingle your taste buds?!!  The only way to find out is to drop by and taste for yourself — Ian will be on hand to explain the different uses and methods in the use of all of our products!!  Let your imagination run free and see how innovative and creative you can be with a little encouragement!!

See you there and don’t forget next week we’ll be at Banchory with the same stuff so if you miss one market you can catch up with us at another?!!  If you don’t have the time or inclination to traipse around the county, we can always send you whatever takes your fancy — as long as you pay the postage we’ll send it to wherever you are in the UK?!!

Take care, have a lovely weekend and stay safe!!

Welcome to our new site

We have been working hard this year concocting and testing a variety of recipes and have narrowed them down to what we now have on this site. It’s taken up quite a lot of time, which on top of the markets, country shows and fairs that we have been to, has kept us extremely busy. It’s been a lot of fun at the same time.

Our site will continue to improve as we get better at using it with more photos, videos and recipes for a variety of other food stuff that we want to share with you. We also welcome ideas from you that we can test out and get out into the big wide world.

We hope you enjoy our pickles, chutneys and jams, as well as our blog and look forward to your feedback.

Suzie 🙂